Luciano Pesce, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist; iBB Inventor


British Institute of Engineering and Technology, University of London; University of Genoa; Licensed Professional Engineer (UK-#GB A 2568 and EU-#UIDIP-787).

Over thirty years experience in automated systems control, natural biotechnology systems, and Bio-Automation for waste management, recycling, energy production and zero-carbon design and engineering., including design, installation, and commissioning of iBB systems in Italy and China.

For BTE-CA: Individual iBB System project engineering (bio, mechanical, software), commissioning, O&M, monitoring; knowledge transfer.

Thomas A. Cotton, Ph.D.

Manager; VP, Technical


B.S., Electrical Engineering, Stanford Univ.; M.A., Oxford Univ., (Rhodes Scholar) Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Ph.D., Stanford Univ., Engineering-Economic Systems. 12 years, Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, on diverse energy, environmental, and high-level radioactive waste management matters. Since 1987, Vice-President, Complex Systems Group; senior consultant to U.S. Department of Energy, Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future, and other public and private organizations, as well as member of numerous National Research Council and other technical and policy advisory committees.

For BTE-CA: LLC Manager; iBB System technical performance measurement / monitoring; knowledge transfer program; technical interface for business development

Richard Hammond, J.D.

Manager; EVP & Gen. Counsel


B.A., Harvard University; J.D., Columbia Law School; Sr. Energy Staff, CA Coastal Commission; Sr. Energy Advisor, CA Gov’s Office of Planning & Research; Dep. Sec., CA Nat. Resources Agency; Co-Founder, first 2 of 14 CA local conservation corps. Partner, Environmental Law, Heller Ehrman law firm. Owner, Hammond Law Office (2000-present).

Principal, multiple start-ups in patented power grid real-time optimization & maglev transit.

For BTE-CA: LLC Manager; General Counsel; business and funding development; agency relations.

Xan Moody-Stuart, M.A.;

Chartered Accountant & Tax Advisor Senior Advisor, Financial


University of Cambridge, MA (Cantab), Geography; ICAEW, Chartered Accountant, Accounting and Finance; The Chartered Institute of Taxation, Chartered Tax Advisor, UK Taxation. Managing Director, XMS Solutions, consulting services to UK, European and American businesses investing in China and sourcing products in China. Investor and investment advisor in green technologies; Director, Rossion Automotive.

For BTE-CA: Company and project business modeling; Individual iBB System project financial modeling and accounting; investor relations.

John T. McAlister Jr., Ph.D.

Parent Company Founder, Chair & CEO


Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, and Principal Investor of BTE-CA’s parent company Bio-Tronic Energy Company LLC (“BTEC”). BTEC is the largest part-owner of BTE-CA, LLC. Dr. McAlister also is an individual equity investor in BTE-CA, LLC.

For BTE-CA: Dr. McAlister will perform oversight for parent company BTEC., LLC. Sr. Advisor to BTE-CA, LLC. He will have no direct management role for BTE-CA, LLC.

Dr. McAlister Biography: B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Yale Univ.; Professor, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton Univ., and Stanford University; Lieutenant, U.S. Navy, (Service in Mekong Delta, Viet Nam); Sr. Advisor, U.S. Congress; Founder, Stanford Center for Technology Assessment and Resource Policy, training graduate students in analyzing the technical, economic, and social feasibility of large-scale technological enterprises; established public policy internships for Ph.D. candidates in Congress and in federal agencies, including DOE.

Co-founder, urban renewal company, central city of Oakland, California, applying principles of ecology. VP, Maguire-Thomas Partners (Los Angeles), responsible for $2 billion multi-use Playa Vista Project urban development project: planning, financing, development management, public policy and permitting compliance; pioneered, with environmental stakeholders, estuarine and wetlands restoration involving novel engineered approaches, including, among others, use of captured, treated urban storm water runoff and treated urban wastewater to establish a new freshwater water course with vegetated riparian corridor, delivering freshwater inflows to support restoration of the historic estuarine system, brackish marsh ecotone, and saltwater wetlands.

As a venture capital partner/consultant, worked with three Korean corporations to develop a consumer product from university-based biomechanics research. In ten years working in China, initiated and managed partnerships with China municipal development organizations to develop middle income housing and urban infrastructure; was responsible for all aspects of management of an 80-acre urban renewal project in Central Beijing and for financing of an affiliated 4-million sq. ft. urban complex.

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